Charlie Bruner on Policies for America's Future
… For Something Completely Different.

Well, for those who remember Monty Python, it may not be completely different, and doubtless isn’t as entertaining, but in addition to his other musings and mutterings, Charlie occasionally forays into poetry and other forms of expression (possibly his greatest forte being in the genre of holiday letters, albeit not a high bar for artistic expression).

Some of these are sprinkled within his Advotorials; below are several that offer other ways to muse about kids, families, and the American condition.

 Visiting the Birds of America. Charlie's tension with America -- "its urge to glorify, destroy and recreate."

Pillars. "We never thought of them as role models/Always at the outer circle of our world..." 

My Three Sons. Poems for each of Charlie's kids, when they were young and he somewhat younger...

Ode to Social Work. An homage to Studs Terkels' etcetera's of history ... those in the helping world.

Visiting the Birds of America
My Three Sons
Terkel and the Helping World