Charlie Bruner on Policies for America's Future
About Charlie Bruner
Charlie Bruner has spent forty years in child policy advocacy, with a particular emphasis upon developing public responses that succeed with children current systems fail. He brings together dubious experiences as academic (Ph.D. in political science), politician (12 years as an Iowa state legislator), and advocate (25 years heading a state child advocacy organization) in better linking research with child policy.

While variously working on issues of child welfare, juvenile justice, welfare reform, early childhood education, child health, family economic security, third grade literacy, health care coverage, pediatric practice transformation, and community-building – depending upon policy opportunities in the field – Charlie has concluded that the common theme of his work is to advocate for public policies and investments that can “enable parents to be the best parents they can be.”

Charlie has worked with numerous foundations and national, regional, state, and community research, policy, and advocacy organizations – and traces his roots back to his own university professor parents and their commitment to social justice and his current energy to his own wonderful spouse and children, and to the presence of so many fellow travelers in the child advocacy world.

Charlie Bruner is eager to partner with others to promote increased attention to and investment in policies that support children and strengthen families. This website offers different thoughts and ideas, many emerging, on what society needs to do to ensure all children have the opportunity to grow, contribute, and succeed. 

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